EeZeBILT 50+ - these are not original EeZeBILT boats, but new designs to the same style as the 50 year old originals. Build and enjoy!

A little while ago I noticed a copy of the OTTER being downloaded to the Netherlands. Where the BiiiG tugs come from... The OTTER is not really a great example tug to display to such an expert nation, and I put together a little 50+ version to mitigate some of the OTTER's known deficiencies...

Here, then, is the BEAVER - a slightly larger cross between an OTTER and a TID. It has a deep (exaggerated) underwater profile for stability, and lots of batteries, and a low-revving reduction gear driving a typical big tug propeller. You can make it in lots of versions - a high-mounted motor or low-mounted motor hull, and the superstructure can be almost anything you like - I have included an old steam tug and a modern one. Off you go, and make a fleet!

Now I'd better think about a string of barges...?
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