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I suppose that someone, somewhere will want to tow things with Beaver! If you do, then you are advised to mount an 'H' bitt through the deck at the stern and into the sub-deck. This will give a firm and solid tow point.

Don't be tempted to attach anything to the fittings described below, unless you have modified the boat somewhat. These fittings attach to the light 1/16" superstructure, and the superstructure is just a push-fit onto the well of the ship. Connecting even a light tow to these means that the superstructure will probably be pulled off with the boat in the middle of the pond!!

Right - after that warning lets look at the towing fittings - a hook for the Steam Tug and a Winch for the Modern Tug. Plans for both are here...
The drum is made by cluing the two 1/2" disks to the paper strip. Coat the rest of the paper with stiffening glue, and then put an axle through the discs....
... and roll the paper up as shown. It's easy!
Here they are with the bending lines marked, waiting to be bent. When the hook is half-bent, put a 0.4" length of brass tube on the bend line, and continue to bend around that.
Glue the 1" discs onto the ends of the paper cylinder, and then slot into the frame. You can put an axle in if you want...
A dab of solder in between the two halves of the hook, and the two hook components are ready to be assembled and fixed to the Beaver of your choice...
The plans for the winch are here

This is how the frame of the winch assembles...
The hook patterns are cut out of metal sheet from here.
Winch and Hook
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