Here is a Christmas present for our Indian readers, as well as anyone who likes an unusual subject!

The OSA-1 Missile boat and its predecessor the KOMAR created a major change in naval tactics - enabling a small boat to match a large cruiser for firepower, and changing the face of the world's navies. This is a model of one of the heros of Operation Trident, the hit-and-run raid on Karachi during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Hundreds of this class were built and exported to 15 countries apart from Russia - with 17 more for the OSA-2 varient. Now is your chance to fly the flag of Somalia, Cuba or North Korea on the boating pond!

This is quite a big boat at 1:48 scale, with lots of room for detail work, so it should look as good on the shelf as on the lake!
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