EeZeBILT Curlew
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Here are some shots of the finished article...
Steve's desk planking is superb, and really compliments this little boat.
The skylight is an addition, but in keeping with the original.
Up on its keel - just like the full-size lobster boats in any coastal resort...
The original had rope railings - these make it look more of a work boat.
...which capture the look of the original Curlew perfectly...
A couple more shots...
...and the rubbing strakes and paintwork are shown off here....
And there we have it - a very attractive boat, at a very attractive price! And working in wood is much more satisfying than joining two bits of ABS, if you are as skilled as Steve obviously is.

If you're not, what are you waiting for? Grab a bit of balsa, and get practicing....
Steve Heward's 21" build
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