The Tamar inflatable rescue boat is a simple item to make - just download the boat plan and sand a bit of balsa down....
Here are the sides of the boat being cut out of 1/8" sheet - three plys to each side.
And here all the cut out parts are, assembled. Just glue three side pieces together to make each side block.
While we're here, the bridge radar is made with a few scraps of balsa, as shown....
The sides are roughly sanded with coarse sandpaper. Guess who started bevelling the part where the sides join...?
It will surprise no one to see that the radar fits together like this...
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And here is a final assembled and fine-sanded boat. Note the brass ends to the aerials and bridge - these will fit in larger tubes glued to the superstructure and so are detatachable for transport.
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radar assembled