EeZeBILT Triton
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Here is a Triton made by Steamboat Phil of ModelBoatMayhem, who used it to demonstrate straight running at the 80th Model Engineering Exhibition...
Graham Potter has particularly smart paintwork on this Triton (built from the website plans!).
Ever seen a Triton at 34 inches? Steve Heward in the US has!
Here are some shots of his double-scale flagship of the range.

Still skinned in 1/16", though most of the other wood is 1/8", he reports that it has needed a few extra reinforcements. But it really looks imposing on the bench!
Reader Niorn sends us pictures of two of his models - over 30 years old! Here is the Triton. The wood stained balsa is very well done - and hard to do, giving a really atmospheric work-boat appearance...
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