EeZeBILT 50+ - these are not original EeZeBILT boats, but new designs to the same style as the 50 year old originals. Build and enjoy!

It's been a long time without any new plans, so here's one to be getting on with - an Edwardian Steam Launch for pottering about on little ponds in the summer, or in the bath under a heat lamp in the winter...

This uses a standard EeZeBilt propeller/rudder, as shown here. You will need to look at the fittings page to see details of the boiler/motor mount. And enjoy the deck chair while you're there...
Steam Launch Plans 1a - A4
Steam Launch Plans 1b - A4
Steam Launch Plans 2a - A4
Steam Launch Plans 2b - A4
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Edwardian Steam Launch Building Instructions
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