EeZeBILT Mermaid
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Here is a Mermaid made by Vincent Wood - see his other models at
Showing off the streamlined appearance..
...and her smart paint job. The sweeping bow is really evident here.
Click HERE for a short buildlog from David Stokes...
And here is a photo of the inside layout. The motor is a cheap Mabuchi, speed controller is 15 amp Mtronix, and the battery is a AAA 4.8 pack of NiMhs. The receiver is a 2 channel Futaba BEC system, the propellor is 3/4 inch diameter, home-made in brass as is the rudder, and the propshaft is from SHG marine.
Finally, the Mermaid sailing on Colliford lake, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. It has also been sailed in Scotland on Lake Ken, not too far from Dumfries. The boat sits on the water very nicely and David Stokes says it is "a credit to the designer".

Thank you, Ernie Webster!
Reader Niorn sends us pictures of two of his models - over 30 years old! Here is the Mermaid. I like the 'natural wood' superstructure and transom...
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Mermaid build 1
Mermaid side
Niorn Mermaid