Making an EeZeBilt 50+ Rudder
Again, a dab of flux and a wave of the blowlamp. Here I made sure that the surfaces were clean, with a little needle file, because this joint is a critical one. You could do a more complex bend to give the joint more strength - but the EeZeBilt forces are so small anyway...
...drill a few holes for the servo linkage, then bend the other end up as in the image.
Finally, we need to make the tiller lever. Cut a short bit of brass...
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Again, the soldering is simple with a dab of acid flux.
And there we have the bits of a typical small EeZeBilt 50+ rudder. For the bigger, faster boats in the range I usually slot the rudder shaft with the Dremel, and solder the blade into the slot, but for the small ones soldering on the side is adequate.

This brass plate was a bit thick - thinner brass or tinplate would enable cleaner bends...
But this rudder will do the job fine...
Whoops! Rather a lot of solder. never mind - the Dremel will rapidly get rid of that...
Now all it needs is a little 'sharp-edge removal' with a needle file, and a clean and polish to get rid of the flux. The shaft has had a flat filed on it for the screw to seat on.

It will simply be glued into a hole in the base of the hull using epoxy, and usually given a bit of support with a balsa wedge between it and the transom. A bit of silicone grease inside the tube ensures that no water comes up.
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