EeZeBILT 50+ RAF Fire Tender
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And here is the completed boat, with my doubled-up Curlew.
Now, the final touch with the paint job, FIRE .

After all the work that has gone into building and painting how do you paint just four letters on the side of the boat without spoiling it?
I studied the profile build on the EeZeeBilt site and thought that the stencil idea would be the only way to get the letters straight, so I came up with this idea.
Using a good quality masking tape make a big enough patch on the sideof the boat to acommodate the letters. Make a stencil out of a cereal packet cutting out the letters neat as though you are going to use the letters instead of the stencil, this means you have two options of drawing either inside or outside the letters.

Place the stencil over the masking tape patch and stick down the edges with more tape so it can't move, Lightly go round the stencil with a sharp pointed knife just cutting out the tape, in the case of the R place the letter back in the stencil and cut round the middle bit which stays there. Take the stencil away and it leaves the word FIRE showing through the tape.

Wrap every thing up in news paper and spray with white paint, take off the tape and it should leave the desired effect without having to touch up. Sounds a bit complex but it does work.
Well that just about sums up the build for this one.

I must say it has been an interesting subject to work on. The method of build using the various box sections makes for a strong build and can be recommended as a unique way to produce a fine model.
Steve Heward's 40" build
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