The last of the small EeZeBilts is now available - the 'OTTER' tugboat. A present to you all from AndyGH of ModelBoatMayhem, to whom we are very grateful!

This is a really old set of panels, from when the boats were first created. It may be hard to read some of the writing, but as usual. Kiwi has worked his magic, with a set of Cutting Lines to aid cutting out, which will make things clear.

Note that all die-cut sheets are 1/16" except 6, which is 3/32". And on Cutting Lines panel 1, the Rear Skin and Rear Bulwarks are tilted to get them on the page - cut them as if they were in the original position (shown in dotted lines) to get the grain right for bending them. The sheets have been corrected for size a bit, and chopped around to fit (mostly!) on a single PDF page, so the definitive measurements should be taken from the Lines file...
Otter Die-cut Sheet 1
Otter Die-cut Sheet 3
Otter Die-cut Sheet 5
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Otter Instructions - 1
Otter Instructions - 2
Full Otter Cutting Lines Drawing
Otter Instructions - 3
Otter Instructions - 4
Otter Die-cut Sheet 2
Otter Die-cut Sheet 4
Otter Die-cut Sheet 6
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