EeZeBILT 50+ PT Boat
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Once the hull is fairly smooth, you can add the spray rails.

Follow the line of the chine, and swing slightly upwards towards the bow as the chine flattens out.
All the deck fittings and added parts can be sanded/sprayed seperately. Any detail work is best done with each unit individually.
I leave one bit of rod on the torpedo so that I have somewhere to hold it! This lets me conveniently dry the painted item by sticking it in a drilled hole in some scrap wood...
I found that painting the red underside was easier to do as two straight lines using masking tape, and it's pretty indistinguishable from a proper measured and curved waterline...
Once the excess glue is removed and smoothed, the hull can get its top coat of paint.

Note the other items which have been sprayed and are awaiting assembly. The side rails have been sealed, sanded and painted already, because it would be difficult to paint these in such close proximity to a wood-coloured deck.
Here is the hull with some vinyl lettering and a coat of lacquer. I see that I still need to spray UNDER the life-raft and finish off the bridge control panel...
The rails have already been sealed and sanded, so there is little need for further smoothing beyond clearing the excess glue.
I'm starting to add the deck items, as specified in the plans.

Note the buoyancy foam, used to muffle sound in the engine compartment and to secure the receiver and batteries in the radio compartment.

I used a split pack of 6 NiMh - 7.2v. If you want one made up by Component Shop, here is a description you can e-mail to them.
...and here they are being attached.
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Finally, the boat is beginning to get that 'cluttered deck' look of the original. The cleats are simply brass strip soldered onto a short length of copper wire and epoxied into a hole in the deck.
Here is some of the Bridge interior being assembled and painted. If you want to do Bridge detail then it will be easy to add these to the superstructure right at the end.
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