EeZeBILT 50+ - these are not original EeZeBILT boats, but new designs to the same style as the 50 year old originals. Build and enjoy!

This was the first set of '50+' plans, and a few errors were found in them. They will probably be redrawn in the future - in the meantime remember to download the 'error sheet' at the bottom of the page and incorporate it where required. Comments on the errors will be found at the end of the 'Pictures' page.

If you want to try them out on that basis, here is a DXF download, and some PDF downloads for people who just want to print paper!
RAF Plans 1/2 a - A4
RAF Plans 1/2 b - A4
RAF Plans 3/4 a - A4
RAF Plans 3/4 b - A4
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RAF Plans 5/6 a - A4
RAF Plans 5/6 b - A4
RAF Plan 7 a - A4
RAF Plans 7 b - A4
RAF Plans 8/9 a - A4
RAF Plans 8/9 b - A4
RAF Full Plans - PDF (A2!)
RAF Crash Tender Building Instructions
RAF Error Sheet a - A4
RAF Error Sheet b - A4
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