As technology prices fall, modellers are increasingly making use of CAD drafting, CNC cutting machines and 3-D printing. If you do not have such services available to you yet you probably know someone who does...

So we can move into a new stage for the EeZeBILT 50+ models - that of home kit creation. Armed with these files you should be able to create all the parts of a typical wooden kit from flat balsa sheet and all the accessories using 3D print resin. The CNC parts are contained in .DXF files and are arranged to fit A4 pages so you will need to rearrange them - joining where necessary - with a CAD package to fit the printing base of your CNC machine, which should be capable of handling 1m balsa sheets. The accessories are all specified in .STL files and best results will be obtained using a good resolution LCD printer.

The files below are the documentation. When I get the chance, I'll put some box artwork in as well...

Downloadable 2-D cutting template files.Each one is several DXF files zipped together. Click on each box to download.
Downloadable 3-D print files. They are either STLs or Zips. Click on each box to download.
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