Here is the magnificent hardware set for a typical late-model EezeBILT! Note the high quality materials, the precision machining - not!

Unsurprisingly, these items cannot be easily purchased today, though you may sometines find them as old KK Accessories on Ebay. So if you want to reproduce an EeZeBILT boat you will have to find substitutes, or make them yourself.

Luckily, the early EeZeBilts used a simple sheet tin propeller, as shown on the left, and it is quite easy to make up a close facsimile of it, and the original rudder too, with just a pair of tinsnips and a little soldering.

The PDF files below provide some simple drawings and instructions, and your local model shop or B&Q will provide suitable brass tube and piano wire. Good Luck!
Download Propeller and Rudder Drawings
How to make an EeZeBilt Propeller
The propeller shaft is 5 3/4" long in total, and the propeller diameter is 7/8". The outside diameter of the brass shaft housing is about 1/10" One place you might try for substitute propellors is W Hobby Ltd, these ones are quite cheap though they are a bit large. But their rudders are really much too big....

Several model shops, for instance Cornwall Model Boats do the Graupner range of M2 prop shafts, which are a closer fit, though not cheap..
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Both EeZeBilt propellers