EeZeBILT 50+ RAF Fire Tender
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The grain still seems to show up...

so I tried some Halfords Filler Primer. An ideal colour for a warship, don't you think?
What I found was that the filler will fill, but only if it's sprayed on thick. And that's not very sensible on vertical surfaces.

Mind you, it works well enough on the deck. But this is meant to be a fast EeZe-build! Kids won't have time to do all the preparation necessary for a good finish, and then repeat it four times, one for each side....
So I started spraying the bottom red again. Do you like the overspray effect?

With the top grey, and the bottom red again, I can consider the sides.

First, we mask the waterline. I didn't bother to run a pencil marker, just dust some sellotape with a bit of talc to stop it sticking hard, and stick it in a straight line...
So now we pull the sellotape off carefully, and, by and large, it works. A bit of touching up will probably be needed....
There are two roofs which are attached to the hull. These need masking and spraying white. The other roofs are detachable, and just get sprayed on their own..
Similarly, mask off the top. Then you can spray the side black.

In my case, that worked fine, until the paint can ran out with a few bits left to do. I had a bit of liquid black primer, so I finished off by brushing that on, and learned again why you can mask against a spray, but it's harder to mask against a liquid with a solvent. The black started running under the sellotape and onto the deck...

Never mind, we can respray the deck sometime...
And at least the white spray works well...
We're not finished yet, but you can see what the boat is going to look like. I will mask the front roof and do a bit of grey touch-up in a few days time when everything is properly dry.
And there are a few minor items to do at the rear of the boat. Paint them individually, then glue with epoxy.
And that's what it looks like so far. Some paint finishing, some window glazing, and it's done.

Now, where's the lake...?
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