EeZeBILT 50+ Sea Princess
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Here are my varnished and sanded front superstructure roofs.

Note that they are cut with the grain across to make them easy to bent - which means I had to have two parts for each roof because they are longer than 4". If I had used thin ply, they would have looked better...
...and the front superstructure is now complete.
Now is a good time to consider the rudder. I made one up, but any small commercial one about 1.5" long will do.
The cabin roof sheets are glued onto the frames, with appropriate overhangs.
The cabin roofs are supported on simple frames. Pin the pieces onto the superstructure with a bit of plastic to stop the glue touching it, and add triangular gussets to the joints for strength.
The front cabin roof overhangs at front and sides, but not the back...
Here are the roofs and the cabin windscreen support in position...
The servo trays double up as side-skin supports. Cut holes to size for your R/C items.
To get the best side-skin curve it is worth using 'vertical' grain back to F2. Again, you might like to use a 1/16" doubler to help the skin joint at this point...
And finally the side skins can be completed.
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