EeZeBILT 50+ Sea Princess
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So long as the sides are hard balsa (or thin ply!) finishing should not be a problem

My balsa was a bit variable, so I elected to use tissue paper to cover, and then gap-filler primer. Which is a lovely mustard yellow...
Once glued, the chine rail is sanded down to match the hull sides right at the bow.
This just leaves a little ledge at the lower end of the chine rail...
And finally the rubbing strakes are varnished and ready to epoxy on.
You can see the effect here, as the first primer coats start to go on. A bit like a fibreglass hull!
A little bit of filling, and then we're ready to paint!
The chine rails can be put on once the majority of the sanding is done, and the chine line is established. View from the front to get them even...
This is what the chine line looks like once the gloss coats start to go on.
And that's pretty much finished the basic hull.
The mast and windscreen attach with epoxy. I cut stiff plastic for the glass - this can also be epoxied in place.
I cracked one, but they're very easy to patch with a little more epoxy..
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