EeZeBILT 50+ Edwardian Steam Launch
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Now's the time to do the motor/boiler. Cut the mount pattern from the plan and stick it to some thin steel sheet. Clip round, and drill the holes to fit your motor...
Once the mount is OK, find a convenient shape which is about 1 1/4" in diameter, and wrap some paper round it as a former. Glue the paper between the layers with UHU or similar, but don't glue it to the former...
Cut out a rectangle for the motor shaft to exit, and test it on the motor mount. It should be a snug fit.

If you slide the brass prop-tube temporrily into the hull, you can check tha the motor is sitting at the proper angle...
And here is the boiler with a wooden disk and chimney (made of paper) on top, and the parts for the dummy engine. Jut a square base and a couple of paper cylinders - you can model your own favourite engine if you wish...
Cut some thin (1/4" max) strips to serve as planks around the boiler.

Bevel them slightly so they will fit snugly. Here I have made a mark on the inside so that I know which way round they will go..!
The complete fitting looks like this..
When bent up, the arms will hold the motor at the proper angle.

Try it out for size and angle in the hull.
Stick them on the former - cutting a rectangle for the dummy engine to fit into...
You can stain it a typical wood colour, and later we'll be decorating it with brass strips and copper tubing...
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paper former
motor mount
mount bent
former positioned
cut planks
plank boiler
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