EeZeBILT 50+ RAF Fire Tender
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Having done with the larger pieces the next thing was the rather complex five sided split level forward cabin and wheel house. Here was the first major problem, fitting the windows at some point preferably after painting. The four port holes were going to be a pain until I came up with the idea you can see on the pictures, fit them from the out side, so what I propose to do is file some 3/32nd perspex to fit in the hole and then glue a rubber O-ring seal on top, should look quite effective. Both the cockpit floors are removable which should relieve a bit of complex sanding. Here I should mention the glue I am using, it's Mercury Adhesive M1100G2 thick viscosity (super glue) a 2oz bottle costs $10-59 cents that's about 6 in UK money. Up to now I have used about 3oz's, not bad considering laminating as well. The glue is available from Great Hobbies, 5144-75 St, Edmonton AB Canada, T6E 6W2. Phone 1-800-839-3262, Fax 1-780466-3305. I would think they do international mail order.
For sealing the wood prior to painting I used a solution of PVA glue and water 50/50 mix, three coats sanded between each coat leaves a nice hard smooth surface and also takes care of any stray pin holes, so now the boat has had its first coat of primer.

Hope you can understand all this and hope it will be of use to you. The project is still on going and in its final stages, there will be a few more pictures as and when. To sum up it has been an interesting boat to build most enjoyable.

I don't think it should be swamped with loads of fittings. It's always the case in the modelling world that there is someone in the front line who has to be bigger and better than anybody else. This is not the case here, we are EEZE BILT!
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