EeZeBILT 50+ RAF Fire Tender
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I made the stern tube assembly using 1/4" o/d brake pipe, takes a bit of straightening out but not too difficult. Insert a piece of 3/16"o/d pipe 1/2" long in each end and gently crimp or solder, then using a hypodermic syringe fill with grease. Slowly push in 1\8" prop shaft and you have a quite waterproof stern gear.
I intended to use two 400 size motors so I positioned the prop tubes to suit, but then I came across two 550size motors at 26 dollars each so I snatched them up only to find out they were longer than the others(oops!). They go in with 1/8th'' gap from the bulkhead, but I still need access into the next compartment for the electrics, so I will cut out a 1'' square hole behind each motor, that should do it.
Ok.why not hide a horn under the fore deck...
As for accessories there should be two speed controlers, That's two channels, rudders can work off one channel, a revolving search light one channel, a switch for running lights and to be ambitious, an in line water pump for the fire hoses.
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