EeZeBILT 50+ RAF Fire Tender
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The search light took longer than expected but the end result turned out ok. This was made from a tablet container from the drug store.
The mast was pretty much straightforward after I realised it had to be angled to fit the slope of the roof.
Now we have the paint on and we can look at the trimmings.

I wasn't keen on how the two blade props looked and changed them for two 1 3/4" three blade brass ones which look altogether much better for display.
The four port holes as described also bit the dust and I went back to my original idea of using brass eyelets, ( file them down to the same thickness as the cabin sides otherwise they look clumsy).

For the rest of the window frames I used 1 /16'' thick backing card used in picture framing and cut off sewing pins stuck in for the rivets
This stage of any build gets quite tedious making the final fittings that make or break a good project. The fire hydrants were no exception and I have to admit to having some help with these, you need two pair of hands when soldering so many small pieces togther!
However it makes a very convenient handle to lift the floor out to get to the steering gear...
The towing hook is maybe a bit on the small side but I didn't want to cover too much deck planking.

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