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The 'Sheets' are scans of the die-cut balsa sheets (quite large files) while the 'Lines' (much smaller) are line drawings of all the parts on each sheet, and better to cut out and transfer onto balsa. I cut each part out roughly, sellotape that to the balsa, and then cut out the shape precisely with a modelling knife...

Note that a few of the line drawings require you to join two bits of paper to make a large part. To avoid a lot of this, sometimes a part is drawn diagonally. The grain (important for some parts) is usually across the page except where indicated.

Note that the sheet files are big - my bandwidth is small, and it takes me 2-3 minutes to send one out, so if you download one, expect a slight wait...
Triton Sheet - 1
Triton Sheet - 2
Triton Sheet - 3
Triton Sheet - 4
Triton Sheet - 5
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Triton Sheet - 6
Triton Sheet - 7
Triton Sheet - 8
Triton Instructions
Triton Lines - 1
Triton Lines - 2
Triton Lines - 3
Triton Lines - 4
Triton Lines - 5
Triton Lines - 6
Triton Lines - 7
Triton Lines - 8
Apart from the above sheets of balsa, the Triton kit box contains the following items:

  • 1 standard Propeller and shaft - see Fittings section
  • 1 standard Rudder unit - see Fittings section
  • 1 section of flexible tube for motor connection
  • 2 paperclips for motor/battery connection

  • 1 sheet of acetate for glazing - 11 1/2"x2"x7thou
  • 1 1/8" dowel for mast - 6" long