A BIG day for the site!

Here are the LAST remaining set of plans for the EeZeBilt range - the Mermaid, kindly contributed by Tony Oliver (who had already provided the Neptune).

The scans have been inked in a bit of a rush, but the lines, of course, are what will be needed to make the Mermaid. And now they are finally here! I've had to use the full width of the paper, so set your printers for full width - no margins....

It has been almost exactly one year since this site went up, with the aim of obtaining and distributing the whole EeZeBilt range. And we have done it. Grateful thanks to all the contributors, and to everyone who has helped with advice, suggestions and support - it wouldn't have happened without all of you pulling together....
Mermaid Die-cut Parts - 1
Mermaid Die-cut Parts - 2
Mermaid Die-cut Parts - 3
Mermaid Die-cut Parts - 4
Mermaid Die-cut Parts - 5
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