EeZeBILT 50+ - these are not original EeZeBILT boats, but new designs to the same style as the 50 year old originals. Build and enjoy!

I seem to be taking longer and longer to come up with new plans. So here is a set that people have asked me for - the Tamar which I am currently getting ready to paint.

I drew the plans initially from a small picture on the net, and was well into making the hull when someone pointed out that the rear deck ought to be longer. They thought I had mixed up the Severn with the Tamar. I agreed, but I had already put several pages of that 'short-rear' hull up on the site. So I continued building the prototype, but you will notice a few differences between that hull and the one from the plans below. Maybe someone will correct what I have done - maybe I will add a Severn superstructure to the mix, use the original hull, and we'll end up with two lifeboats...
Tamar sheet 2
Tamar sheet 1
Tamar sheet 3
Tamar sheet 4
Tamar sheet 5
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Tamar sheet 6
Tamar sheet 7
Tamar sheet 8
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