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And congratulations to all our viewers! Your support has kept us going for over 3 years now, during which time you have saved the FULL original range of Keil Kraft EeZeBilts from extinction. The plans are below for your use - completely free.

Thank you, ModelBoatMayhem's ManintheStreet, Andygh and Chingdevil, of the same address, and Tony Oliver for his double contribution . A special mention to Kiwi for his OTTER and TERRIER drawings, as well as his ALMA and BLACK ROSE...

The aim of the new plans - see the 50+ Challenge for what this is about - is to produce a similar line to the EeZeBilt series of 1958 which is appropriate for kids of today (young and old). Boats which are simple and cheap to make, need few extras and can be built in a bedroom. I was intending to make at least 7 - we have 6 at the moment so there is still room for more!

If anyone else has simple plans they could contribute, I would be happy to include them here, or provide links to them
RAF Crash Tender - 20"
Edwardian Steam Launch - 18"
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Tamar Lifeboat - 12"
Alma Scow - 12"
Black Rose Pirate Ship - 26"
Beaver Tug - 12"
Original plans:
50+ range:
Thames Lighter - 16"
Sea Princess - 23"
Elco PT Boat - 20"
OSA-1 Missile Boat - 32"
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